In many Brevard County communities, trash removal is restricted to a small can and you have to call and then wait for special pick up for larger items and even then you are limited by what you can put out. What do you do when you can’t wait or you have more than just one or two large items? Whatever the waste that is taking up your space, Big Red Trashcan provides a fast, convenient and easy solution for you. Measuring at (6) feet high and (12) feet long, our 15 cubic yard containers are easy to fill without consuming too much our your valuable property space.

Big Red Trashcan - Brevard Florida Roll Off Dumpster Company
Our Dumpster for a Kitchen Bathroom remodel

Kitchen / Bathroom Remodel

Our dumpsters are perfect for the general waste stream resulting from the construction, demolition or renovation of kitchen and bathroom remodels. A 15 cubic yard dumpster will hold lumber, drywall, metals, pipe, paper, plastic, cardboard and carpet as well as those torn out cabinets and fixtures.

Our dumpster being used for a reroofing project

Home Re-Roofing

Time for a new roof? A 20 cubic yard dumpster fits the bill. Perfect for taking away all of that old roofing material, paper, nails, boards and old flashing in one fell swoop.

reflooring carpet , tile, wood we have the solution


Re-flooring your home? It’s a great way to update your look and get a lot of value out of your investment, but all of that debris from the construction can get in the way while you’re working. Make the job easier and dispose of it while you’re working, right on site. Our 10 cubic yard dumpsters fit the bill!


Drywalling a home or business can be a messy proposition. With our 10 cubic yard dumpsters, the job is cleaned up as you go. Don’t lose valuable time stacking and moving drywall around the property as you work—get rid of it as you go! Rent a 15 yard dumpster and get that refuse out of your way so you are free to have room to move.

Concrete Driveway Removal

Time to re-do that driveway? Then you’ll want a convenient and fast solution to getting rid of the old materials. Our 20 cubic foot dumpster provides the perfect solution to convenient clean-up, delivered straight to your driveway!

brush and yard cleanup are a breeze with our florida dumpsters

Brush And Yard Cleanup

It’s Florida! And our beautiful subtropical landscape is always growing, so any time of year is a good time of year for clean-up. Our 15 cubic foot dumpsters offer plenty of space to get rid of that unwanted, overgrown yard waste from grass clippings, leaves, brush, twigs, branches, and garden plants.

our dumpsters being used for a landscaping project

Landscaping Jobs

In Florida we love our weather and the beautiful landscape and spending time out of doors. So when it’s time to re-landscape our properties, it makes sense to want to keep even the refuse in order and out of sight. Our 10 cubic foot dumpsters offer plenty of space to get rid of those unwanted green waste items quickly and efficiently.